As any business owner knows, conditions and competition in the business world are getting more difficult by the day, competing companies are cropping up like mushrooms after the rain, and the competition creates new arrivals to the market and various new marketing methods. Moreover, consumers are becoming more opinionated and critical due to the abundance and continuous engagement on the internet, and therefore, every new piece of information can make the difference between success and failure.Business surveillance, Kodkod Investigations, private investigator, Investigations office

Kodkod Investigations enables you to get essential information on competitors. We offer a variety of innovative tools and experienced investigators who will accompany you from the beginning of the surveillance process, while providing precise details, such as the competitor’s agenda and meetings, or monitoring a company’s employee, etc., while focusing on the specific problem to be solved.

What is Business Surveillance and when is it required?

We specialize in collecting information and achieving thorough understanding of the area in which the business operates. This information is highly valuable, and can help a greatly in making informed choices in building the company’s strategy, along with achieving the goals and vision of the business. Kodkod Investigations will accompany you throughout the process, maintaining professionalism, reliability and full discretion.

Business Surveillance prior to business cooperation

Many companies own luxury offices and marketing personnel with a silver tongue, who will try to convince you to partner with them for a particularly enticing deal. In any a question or concern, let us draw information on that company for you. Our office will provide you with information on the company’s conducting, financial statements, customer satisfaction, operation limits, strengths, weaknesses and more.

Business information available to you by business surveillance

  • Company’s reputation.
  • Competitor’s scope of operation.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the market where the customer/competitor operates – suppliers, customers, operating conditions, restrictions and more.
  • Review of technologies and options available to the customer, in order to improve its products.
  • Locating tenders and business opportunities.
  • In-depth analysis of the competing company – financial position, future plans, marketing and advertising practices, and campaigns.
  • And more.

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