With the advance of technology, we have reached a point where hidden cameras and wiretap equipment are extremely cheap, which allows nearly everybody to follow your calls or install miniature hidden cameras easily.

Who nees to detect wiretaps and cameras?

If you suspect that someone is following you using the equipment mentioned above, do not leave room for complacency, since that might cause you serious damage, both personally and in your business.

Usually, those engaged in wiretapping or installing hidden cameras are interested in obtaining sensitive information on your whereabouts and using it against you.

Kodkod Investigation is equipped with professional state-of-the-art equipment, which will accompany you through the process, professionally and discreetly, to provide you with peace of mind, in any case of suspicion. Most of the customers’ concerns regarding wiretaps or hidden cameras that might have been installed in their surroundings, proved to be actual situations after such devices were indeed detected.

What are wiretaps and hidden cameras used for?

  • Business – gathering information on competitors and your own company, tenders, etc.
  • Infidelity and divorce – in the case one of the spouses suspect that the other might be cheating.
  • Personal – in the case of conflict between neighbors or suspected theft, abuse, etc.

The detection procedure

The procedure itself is performed using professional equipment and conducting a comprehensive inspection in order to detect any type of cameras and mics, wherever possible.

Kodkod Investigation offers a number of devices for isolating and identifying the area under inspection and detecting hidden cameras and wiretaps. The detection involves professional equipment services, along with a thorough, physical inspection of the area. The inspection can be performed at – home, stairwells, elevators, office, shops, meeting facilities, vehicles, and others.

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