Financial investigations are conducted in order to find information about assets and finances of businesses or individuals. The aim of the investigation is usually to disclose financial information which can provide an overview of a business or a person prior to establishing a financial partnership. The information will help you in case of uncertainty and risk taking in transactions and partnerships.

Why is it important to perform financial investigations?

Today, execution offices are overloaded and there are multiple debts named “bad debts”. These debts were created due to unnecessary risk taking of business owners, during various transactions. This can be prevented by thorough investigations performed by Kodkod Investigations office. Our professional investigators will unveil information which is accurate and relevant to you. In case any of your clients or suppliers have owe you money, we can assist you in locating funds and assets of debtors.

Financial investigations in cases of divorce

The divorce process is complex; some cases involve disagreements and concealment of property. Divorce proceeding usually involves equal and fair property distribution, as well as fair Financial Investigations kodkod Investigations alimony (according to the spouses’ income). In these cases, Kodkod Investigations office will meticulously and discreetly investigate the “hidden property and assets” of the spouse. We will accompany you with sensitivity and professionalism until the process is complete.

Also, in case of suspected infidelity of either spouses, a matrimonial (infidelity) surveillance may be conducted to ascertain the susupicions and provide proofs that will favor you in court.

Information to be obtained by financial investigations

  • Data on real estate owned by the suspected spouse (houses, plots and any other source of income).
  • Bank accounts – branches and account owned by the suspect.
  • Tracing funds – tracing managers’ insurance, pension funds, provident funds, present and future financial rights.
  • Fieldwork – extracting information by fieldwork and questioning in the surroundings of the suspected or divorced parties.
  • Address location – locating the current domicile of the suspect.
  • Other business activities.

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