Our office operates in Israel and overseas from the day it was established. Our office conducts international investigations around the world in cooperation with local investigators and investigations offices.

Kodkod Investigations has a proven surveillance experience in various countries, including Europe and USA.

Throughout the years we have established close, lasting working relations with professional and reliable investigations offices abroad. Of course, every investigation is conducted by our investigator team, which travels to the other country and runs the investigations with assistance from local entities. Nativ, our office manager, is an active member of the World Association of Detectives (WAD).

The difference between international and local investigationskodkod International investigations

Each country has its own language, culture, customs and local rules and conventions. To conduct an effective investigation abroad, it is advisable to have the investigation conducted by the professional, diligent investigators of Kodkod Investigations with the Israeli Chutzpah, along with local investigators at the foreign country who are familiar with the local law and way of life. Also, local investigators can better camouflage themselves among the local population.

For this reason, our international investigations anywhere around the world involve local entities who assist us in gathering information and carrying out surveillance.

The areas of international investigations

Out office acts under the banner of uncompromising discreetness and professionalism, while observing the rules of professional ethics – we abide by these standards in our work around the world.

Consult us about international investigations free of charge at 054-4695311 or chat online directly with a private investigator.

World Association of Detectives (WAD) member certificate