The State of Israel made it to the discredited list of the world copyright infringement leaders.

The copyright infringement phenomenon has become a “national calamity”. Fakes, imitations, content theft, trademark and patent theft are only a small part of a variety of copyright and intellectual property infringement cases. Kodkod Investigations office, with extensive experience, will help you to solve the problem by thoroughly investigating the root of the problem while maintaining professionalism and reliability.

Copyrights are a part of the Intellectual Property (IP) incorporating the rights in resources created by an individual or a company. It is a basic right of any inventor or creator to receive royalties, utility, financial benefit or any other use made of their invention and creation. Also, it is allowed to aInvestigation of Copyright Infringementssign the right to another person.

Unfortunately, many violate copy rights, thus causing tremendous damage to individuals and companies alike.

Kodkod Investigations will help you uncover copyright infringement. We will provide you with proofs of copyright infringement of your works, by evidence admissible in court; as the investigation process ends, you will have a complete file ready for a private civil action.

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