Do you suspect your wife is cheating on you? Do you suspect your husband in cheating on you? Looking for a PI who specializes on infidelities? We will conduct a discreet and professional investigation and surveillance for you, and provide you with all the information you need.

When suspicion of a spouse’s infidelity arises, it is very important to maintain the routine and contact a private investigator.

Once mistrust or suspicion is created, it is accompanied by a sense of unrest and hard feelings. We offer a wide range of professional solutions, which will assist you through this adversity. We commit ourselves to accompany you through the whole process, strictly ensuring sensitivity of the matter.

Surveillance and Observations in Matrimonial Investigations

Our private investigators use state-of-the-art cameras and camcorders that help us conduct an effective and completely discreet monitoring of our client’s spouse. Surveillance requires patience, creativity, independence, adherence and ability to make real-time quality decisions that help streamlining the tracking process. Once we have the customer’s approval, we begin to operate efficiently while updating and supporting the customer up to the successful completion of the process, including the legal proceeding.

When does suspicion of infidelity arises?

Any person is endowed with senses, even beyond the normal five senses. When we feel that something is not right or does not naturally fit in our lives, we instinctively put more efforts and sharpen our senses. When a man or woman suspects their spouse, they automatically develop hypersensitivity and pay attention to little things, such as low libido, coming back home at unusual hours and even strange behavior.

How can proof of infidelity benefit you in divorcement?

As with any legal process, relevant evidence is required to build a case. Proving infidelity in court has a considerable impact, since it may advance the process of divorce and tip the balance in favor of the betrayed party. According to Jewish law, for instance, when a woman cheats (and it can be proven), it is possible to deprive her of the right to receive alimony.

Which cases require a personal investigation?

Matriominal investigation is effective in the case of divorce proceedings or disagreements on sharing common property, as well as in cases of accusations, lies, conflicts and concealing information. Our firm provides tools applied in financial investigations to expose frauds related to the common equity of the couple, while maintaining professionalism and sharing the customer in the entire process.

Our firm has handled professionally thousands of infidelity investigations in the past 20 years with great success, closely and discreetly accompanying the customer.

More then few of our customers do not rush to disband their families, but they still want to know whether their spouse is having an affair, and we offer also quality solution for that.

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