The purpose of investigations is to disclose information on a third party, using investigation and surveillance. The need for information can be critical and used as tangible evidence for filing claims in court, and may catalyze various proceedings or conclude situations involving suspected treason, theft, breach of trust, abuse and more.

Can anyone conduct investigations?

Of course not; only a certified private investigator bearing a license by the Ministry of Justice to run an investigations firm can conduct a private investigationkodkod Private investigations.

Private investigators often begin with liking the profession. Investigators employed in our office have gained vast amounts of experience, courage, logical ability and sort of wiliness, enabling them to conduct complex and under-cover investigations.

If you contacted an investigations firm, you must ascertain that they are certified investigators who are licensed to cun an investigations firm.

Private investigation vs. police investigation

A police investigator has more powers than a private investigator, but can only operate in the area of criminal law; A private investigator can also be engaged in cases of infidelity, wiretapping, locating debtors, business surveillance, international investigations, etc. Some specific cases may involve overlaps between roles, especially in cases of harassment, theft, threats and abuse; in such cases, many contact us, for the following main reasons:

  • A private investigation is absolutely discreet. In contrast, a police investigation could easily leak to the media or others.
  • We guarantee industrial peace in a private investigation – the investigated and suspects are not necessarily aware of the investigation process, unless a lawsuit or indictment is filed. Police investigation is run roughly and clumsily, and subject to public exposure.
  • Availability – private investigation is conducted immediately, as opposed to a police investigation, which usually takes time and abides by the urgency of the case.
  • Technical equipment – private investigator’s equipment differs from police investigator’s equipment, in terms of, for instance, camouflaged cars, hidden cameras, recording devices and other means.

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