In recent years, a considerable amount of businesses and enterprises are facing thefts and embezzlement by employees. In such cases it is possible to file a complaint with the Israeli police, but these files are often closed for lack of concrete evidence.

Kodkod Investigations accompany the suspecting business owner throughout the process, from the stage of collecting evidence, and if necessary, continue to accompany the customer, through the stage of filing the complaint and testifying in court professionally and discreetly.

When is a private investigator necessary?

Business owners or security officers, who suspect that thefts or embezzlement are carried out on the part of an employee, may use the services of a private investigator. We perform each investigation under absolute discretion, unlike a police investigation which is generally exposed and may be leaked to the media. “Suspicion” is not necessarily an indication of guilt. Thus, in order not to lose a diligent employee, it is recommended to use the services of private investigation, since it is faster, covert and discreet. Police investigation, which is public and slow, would offend an employee who might turn out to be loyal and shame him/her, thus subjecting the employer to future claims of punitive damages.

Services we provide in cases of thefts from employers

  • Installing hidden cameras.
  • For a large company or enterprise – transplanting an undercover employee.
  • A general investigation of the employees.
  • A staged purchase.
  • Questioning and interrogation.
  • Monitoring the embezzling employee, or inquiring the employee’s conduct and documenting their encounters with any competitors.
  • And more.

Other cases requiring investigation

There are other types of cases where you can be assisted by a private investigator to collect information and evidence of a criminal offense performed in a business. Common areas are – hacking, theft by suppliers or customers, suspected forgery or fraud and suspected industrial espionage. In such cases, companies prefer to be assisted by Kodkod Investigations. We conduct a preliminary discreet investigation, and at the end of the process, the business owner can decide what should be done next, in light of the findings.

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